Welcome! This site has been developed for participants in JA My Strength My Future, an innovative blended-learning initiative that aims to support young people’s self-exploration and enhance their readiness for tomorrow’s radically different jobs and workplaces.

Here, you can take a fun and informative Strength Discovery test and explore the careers that suit you. The assessment takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

You can also use the Smart Resume Builder to your Strength-based CV with user-friendly input fields and templates. By continuously enriching it with your learning experiences as you progress through your education, you can fully showcase your personality and strengths as you pursue your dreams academically or professionally.

What’s more? You can have the great opportunity to meet with your volunteer mentor who will help you understand your strength and career profile, develop your Strength-based CV, explore different career options and create your development plan to strive for future success.
Have fun exploring and discovering your strengths and your purpose!

Organized by

Junior Achievement (Hong Kong)

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Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund